Bet delay. Scout dictations.

Dictations. "Bet delay"


"Bet delay". What it is?

This is ahead of the bookmaker in the delay of the match score. As a rule, the bookmaker's results have delay 5-10 seconds after the event on the field. In selected games where there are no scouts (these are people who get information about the game to the bookmaker), the delay will be maximum, this is an important point, and I will focus on it in this article.

Games with maximum delay

There are games in which the bookmaker does not send scouts to the field; in such games the delay can be up to 10 seconds. For example, a goal was scored in the 12th minute, but the bookmaker change score it only at 12-10.

Dictations. How it works?

A whole team is working on this organization - buy feeds with information on which matches there will be no scouts, afterwards, a special person is going to such a game, and dictates important information about the game live - goals scored, corners, cards, penalties.

And you are up to 10 seconds ahead of time.

And today (12/21/23), there was a match with a delay of more than a minute.

In simple words

You are told that the home team's goal has been scored. At this moment, you bet, for example, on her win in the half (the odds are much higher there), and the bookmaker accepts the bet, for example, for odds 3, with the score 0-0. After 10 seconds, the bookmaker changes the score to 1-0, and the odds for her to win in the half become, for example, 1.2. You get almost a winning bet. Well, of course, there are nuances here, I’ll write about them below.

How it works in practice.

You listen to the broadcast and bet after goal scored. Available languages: English and Russian.

Comments from me

Of course, often “after goals / delay bets” will lead to account blocking. Therefore, you need to split simple bets with these. For example, you place 10 bets and 1 “delay bet”, then the chances of a return are minimal. Also, you can rent the accounts of friends, acquaintances, etc., just for one such bet.


This is not a "money button". To get started, you need, preferably, several bookmaker accounts, and also have patience, as sometimes you need to sit for 1 hour before scoring a goal.

Also, there are additional risks - cancellation of a goal using the VAR system, blcock the account (if u bet 5-10 such bets in row, if you split the bets, then everything is ok), return of the accepted bet.

In general, you just need to try and understand whether it suits you or not.

How about trying?

I collaborate with a team that organizes delay-bets dictations and sends its people to different parts of the world for matches, without scouts.

First match, you can try with 50% discount,

Promo code - Yaroslav. Also, if the score is 0-0, they will give a replacement.

40$ - 1 game (first for 20$)

69$ - 2 games

$99 - 3 games

$120 - 4 games

Weekly package: 400$

Dictations via Discord. Contact by telegram